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Wall sconces are basic lights mounted on walls instead of hanging from ceilings. These wall lights give indirect illumination and they have a cover - either partial or full - that hides the light bulb from vision. Having wall sconces lighting in your home is a great way to enhance any room decoration. This lighting is also great for outdoor lighting.

Wall sconces are used to bring light to various areas in a home, such as hallways, staircases, end tables and shelves or even as bathroom lighting. It usually provides a soothing, soft light that is not harmful to the eyes. Some styles are shining downwards and others upwards, depending on the type you are getting.

Wall sconces can set nicely the mood in the room, giving you a soft, romantic ambient. To get the perfect lighting provided by the wall sconces you may need to get them in packs of 2 or 3. For example you can use one on each side of a vanity mirror or a cabinet or even the main house door. Putting your wall sconces above the nightstand in the bedroom will give a soft light and also add a beautiful modern and stylish look to your room. Having two in the bedroom, each installed on one side of the bed will give you the maximum effect. If you look for bathroom wall sconces, you can find some that are created specifically to be installed in your bathroom.

ParrotUncle has a wide selection of wall sconces in all sorts of styles and designs, including Antler Wall Sconces, Vintage Industrial Wall Sconces, Modern Wall Sconces and Art Shade Wall Sconces, one more beautiful than the other. With the many choices nowadays it is very easy to mix and match the style to fit perfectly with that of the furniture in your room.